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A Versatile and Permanent Solution for Tooth Replacement/Denture Connection

Dental implants are a biocompatible titanium material designed to mimic the natural root of a tooth. This meaning that implants are safe and non-toxic  when embedded into the jaw bone as a replacement for the roots, and that being one of the reasons why implants quickly became gold standard for tooth replacement.

Implant Adaptability

Implants have:

  • No detriment to surrounding teeth
  • The ability to fabricate a bridge, replace missing teeth or anchor dentures  
  • The appearance and functionality of natural teeth
  • A long-term and non-invasive fix adjacent teeth
  • Bone loss prevention and improved facial profile

Implant Maintenance

Ensuring your implants longevity means taking a diligent and meticulous care with them, like maintaining natural teeth as well as doing a 6-monthly maintenance check-up. Patients should expect their implants to last for life with this excellent care.